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Conservation Conversation

When this property was but a fledgling endeavor, I'm not sure we ever imagined how well it could serve our community. We continue to learn so much from our beautiful native property and all we can offer through it. How exciting is it that we have the ability to offer nature programs, conservation awareness, and informative conversations for all ages about our native flora and fauna.

As one of many nature and conservation events we want to reflect on our latest. We were so honored to collaborate with our own Bandera River Authority and Groundwater District to host Watershed 101. This event explored our natural resources and taught how to test water quality in our own little part of the river. (Our water quality was good, by the way!!)

Guests of the event were able to experience hands on activities in the river with identifying the different species of fish and plants that are important to conserving and preserving our river. They also learned about Riparian zones (riverbanks) and the different plants in these zones that help to maintain our water quality.

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